Why Work With Graham Netware To Increase Your Sales?

SEO Toronto is quickly winning clients all across Canada, backed by Graham Net-wares impressive work and long-lasting proven results.
Graham Netware has been recognized as a leader in SEO since our conception in 2015.

Our Services


If you want more organic traffic, leads and revenue, we are here to help. Our search engine optimization service will get your business on page one of Google and other search engines.
Great knowledge of search engine algorithms is key to developing an effective strategy.
Our team of SEO TORONTO experts have more than 12 years and have the experience necessary to create a customized SEO campaign for your business.
Your brand visibility will increase as well as your market position.
You will receive a lot of free traffic and email submissions so your sales will grow, and you can count on a great return on your investment.
Studies have shown top spot organic spot on the first page of Google searches gets the majority of the traffic.
This is because it is in the direct field of vision of the end user.



If your business relies on customers within a particular geographical area, we will create organic listing on Google Maps.
We will then combine that with the top organic spot giving you many exposures to the first page of Google.
Our experienced team will ensure your business is found in local searches and is visible on Google Maps in the top spot (A).
Improving your Google Maps listing by encouraging positive reviews. and receiving citations from authoritative websites portals are all a part of our local SEO package.
It’s important that your website receive get high rankings and on Google Maps so you can maximize your exposure on the first page of Google.
Our motto: “The more times they see you on the first page, the higher the chance they will click on your result.” We call this multiple-organic listing.


Optimizing for language alternatives will ensure higher ranking in bilingual or multilingual environments.
A seamless transition between many languages will keep your website ranking high .
The link building process that we do for your off-site SEO will be in the proper language.
That is:
  • English links pointing to English pages for English results.
  • French links pointing to French pages for French results.
  • Spanish links pointing to Spanish pages for Spanish results.
Our international Seo Toronto team makes sure your website is visible globally For targeted areas anywhere in the world.


As one of the top SEO agencies in Toronto today, we can create and manage customized and effective strategies to meet the specific requirements of your business. Our skilled and experienced team will use their knowledge to grow your business by:

Using 12 years of Experience and Collaboration

Each and every person on our team has worn all the hats with regard to campaign execution. We have acquired all the skills requisite for designing systematic processes to acheive great results for any business.

Ranking Top on Search Engines Quickly

Our primary goal is to rank you first on Google search results. Our approach and strategy ensures that you will almost always rank above your competition.

Improving the Conversion Rate of Your Website 10X

One of the best ways to increase your revenue is by increasing the percentage of visitors that reach your sales or other goals. We can help you every step of the way, from exposure to conversion.

Keeping Your Business Ahead of the Competition

Our Trained and experienced team of SEO specialist is always at the forefront of the newest technologies and information, allowing our clients to receive an edge over the competition.